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Macro Pro

Professional US macroeconomic analysis


Understanding the business cycle

How the macro helps us read financial markets and make better investment decisions. The subscription gives access to:

  • GDP nowcast model

  • Inflation nowcast model

  • Backtest of assets according to GDP and inflation

  • Medium-term GDP and inflation forecast (3 quarters)

  • Medium-term investment opportunities

  • Medium-term portfolio model to follow the cycle

  • Long-term Macro Models (4-6 quarters)

  • Analysis of Price Curves (interest rates, commodities,...)

  • US Variable Income Valuation Models

  • 1 Monitoring, Analysis and Q&A Session per month

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How is the information?

In this video I leave you the explanation of the content that you will find and the structure so that you can see the type of information that it provides. Over time it can be updated to improve.

The best macro analysis in Spanish

"It's the cycle, stupid!"

incorporate the latest macroeconomic information into your investment plan.

Trades vs Trends

Helps detect when a movement becomes a trend (3 months). Especially if it is in favor of the cycle.

market opportunities

Detection of assets that deviate from their typical behavior according to the cycle.

Contextualized information 

All the information is contextualized in the live session (recorded) where doubts are resolved. 

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